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Discoveries within the Daily Life of Kyoto

By High School Gap Year at CIEE

If you’re here, you’re looking right at the immersive program at CIEE. Maybe you have questions: What will life be like? What to expect, what to be aware of, and... keep reading


Everything You Need to Know About Taking a Gap Year

By High School Gap Year at CIEE

Thinking about taking a gap year abroad? You may have a lot of questions varying from cost to length of time, and even where to go. Big decisions can be... keep reading


Studying Abroad in the Time of COVID-19

By CIEE Toulouse at CIEE

Based on an interview of Mia Merk, CIEE Gap student in Fall 2020 (September 28-December 19) in Toulouse, France As early as her Junior year of High School, Mia had... keep reading


From Onsite to Online Cultural Activities in Toulouse

By High School Gap Year at CIEE

AND…Life must go on! Since the beginning of November, France has been under lockdown again. This means, for CIEE staff and student, that the program keeps going on…line. GYA students... keep reading


Is this real?

By High School Gap Year at CIEE

Our Gap students arrived in Toulouse on September 28, almost four weeks ago already! And yet, they continue asking themselves: is this real? It always takes time to fully grasp... keep reading

My Hunt for a Real Belgian Waffle

By Oliver H.

Last weekend I went on an excursion with CIEE to Brussels in Belgium. I went with a group of about seventy students and four chaperones. Everything I did was great... keep reading

Circular Economy Tour and Dinner: Boat Bags, Diapers, and Food Waste

By Lucia H.

Last night, as one of our amazing cultural excursions, the program managers at CIEE took several students on a Circular Economy Tour and Dinner through the city. These Circular Economy... keep reading


By Hannah S.

Last week was Semana Santa, the week leading up to Easter. All of Sevilla practically shuts down for processions with huge, elaborate floats. CIEE gave us the week off from... keep reading

Shanghai Bubble Tea!

By Allana I.

I love bubble tea! Also called boba, this sweet, chewy, delicious drink originated in Taiwan and has spread worldwide, although it is still not as readily available in America as... keep reading


By Esaaba A.

Hello everyone, this is Esaaba and this is officially my first post on typepad. Hurrayyy!!! Yaayyy me!! Well, for my first post, I will be talking about the expectations I... keep reading

Dealing with Dietary Restrictions in Paris

By Kira F.

First, let me apologize for the lack of interesting blog posts. As the year draws to a close, I have been thinking of logistical topics that I wished someone had... keep reading

A little Bit of Everything

By Maddy T.

Wow have I been busy! As language classes have been coming to an end, life has been a swarm of homework, classwork, and studying for the final test (as well... keep reading