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Reasons for my Gap Year

By Allana I.

I had a few reasons for taking a gap year: 1. I had worked very hard in high school and needed a break 2. I was interested in learning a... keep reading

The Group Physical

By Allana I.

When I arrived to China, I was surprised to hear that all CIEE students who needed to get a residence permit would need to partake in a group physical. I... keep reading

On Independence

By Allana I.

Here in Shanghai, although I have friends, teachers, and a Chinese host family, I am ultimately on my own. I can choose to leave the house in the middle of... keep reading

Shanghai Bubble Tea!

By Allana I.

I love bubble tea! Also called boba, this sweet, chewy, delicious drink originated in Taiwan and has spread worldwide, although it is still not as readily available in America as... keep reading

Did You Miss Me?

By Sage M.

I can't help quoting one of my favourite television shows...please forgive me. So, you haven't heard from me since November. I meant to post about my trip to Sichuan, but... keep reading

Daily Life

By Sage M.

One thing I think a lot of study abroad students overlook in our study abroad experiences is, if we are fortunate enough, the host family experience. It's not that this... keep reading

Suzhou and Zhouzhuang

By Sage M.

So what did I do on this mysterious weekend I eluded you about? I had only just had my first week of classes, but the CIEE program had decided to... keep reading

Staple Foods Are My New Best Friend

By Sage M.

I might be making the biggest understatement in the world right now, but I have to get this off my chest. I have never eaten so much rice in my... keep reading

It Must Be the Start of Something New

By Sage M.

Hello everyone! Or should I say, 大家好! For those of you who don't know, my name is Sage Cheyenne McCormick and I am 18 years old. I am currently a... keep reading

XieXie's and Goodbyes

By Veronica

Hello my lovely, lovely friends. I am so so horribly sorry that I have been even worse this semester than the last, but I have just been so wrapped up... keep reading

A Walkin' We Go.

By Veronica

Hello, friends! Just some thoughts for you today. I have just returned from one of my favorite routines in China: my daily after-dinner walk around the track at my university... keep reading

Back At It

By Veronica

Hello once again my lovely (and patient) readers! I am so terribly sorry it took me this long to write another post! I won't waste your time telling you that... keep reading