greatest hits (self roast post)

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Rachel F.

Well, my time here in Japan is coming to a close and I’m honestly really upset about it. I mean, it hasn’t actually hit me that I’m leaving, but the thought of leaving makes me sad. So, instead of dwelling on my sadness, I want to share some of my greatest hits from the past three months in the land of the rising sun.


A classic. Thinking about the major things that impact my life and the fact that I am not sponsored by 7/11 at this point is a little hurtful since I’m probably their #1 customer at the store in my neighborhood so @ the 7/11 in Maihama if you’re reading this...


I literally took this picture last night. (note: 7/11)


Seen in Harajuku. This picture really resonates with me. And for that reason, I set it as my header picture on Line.


Casual Akira manga on the wall of a construction site. I love Tokyo.


This is a picture I took of myself the day I was bored and had nothing to do so I went and got my ears pierced. I decided against posting the blurry zoomed-in pictures of my ears that I sent to my mom here, so this is the next best thing. Just sharing an event that happened on the same day. Afterwards, I got a kebab at my favorite place in Shibuya, so that’s probably worth mentioning in itself.


The day I realized I can actually see Mt. Fuji from where I live. It only took me three months to realize it wasn’t some other random mountain out there in the distance... #smart


My friends took me out to dinner, but like, plot twist: I had to catch the fish we were going to eat... really embracing myself as a fisher. Can’t tell if that pun was intended and honestly it’s been 2 months so I can’t bring myself to ask my friends anymore.


I mean.... it just be like that sometimes.


I went to Rainforest Cafe for the first time in maybe 10 years, so I think everything else comes second to the amazing experience I had that night.


Not entirely sure if I knew I was getting my picture taken, but I do remember being hungry. This is such a Mood.


Hi MTV, welcome to my crib.


Aaaaand I’m just gonna close this off with the picture that made the cut to be in my hairdresser’s instagram story from my post-cut-photoshoot (because yes, that’s a thing that happened). 

I hope you all enjoyed this post of me poking fun at myself as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Really, these past months have been an absolute blast and while I find it difficult to say goodbye, I know I will be back. I wanted to make my last blog post for this semester funny and personal, by sharing some experiences that have not come up in other blog posts (for obvious reasons). There is more to life as a gap student than the things I am prompted to write about every month. The idea of blogging is to document what goes on while abroad, so this is it, everyone! This is what my life is like. Mostly revolving around food, although sometimes it’s just me making a fool of myself. It’s great. 

I'm interested to see other gap student’s ~daily life~ pictures like this. What kind of stuff have you been up to for the past couple months that you haven’t shared yet, whether because of irrelevance or just because you haven’t thought about posting a blog about it?

I’ll be back in March, so see you all in Shanghai! Until then, happy holidays everyone, and have a great new year.

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