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Benefits of a Gap Year Abroad

Taking a gap year is an indisputably transformative experience for students. By taking a gap year, students will become:

Global Citizens with a Better Appreciation for Other Cultures

By immersing themselves in unfamiliar practices and customs, students become better equipped to identify and interact with people from other cultures — whether in school, on the job, or in their personal lives.

More Flexible & Better Able to Handle All Kinds of Experiences

Students who take a gap year are better prepared to make transitions, take control of new situations, and appreciate challenging experiences for what they are: opportunities to learn and grow.

More Marketable for Internships & Jobs

There’s a reason recruiters like to see a gap year on a résumé — it’s one of the greatest ways for students to acquire the kinds of life skills that can’t be learned in a classroom. Taking a gap year shows initiative, maturity, and independence on the part of the participant.

More Aware of Their Academic & Professional Passions

By allowing students to explore their interests and develop new ones, a gap year can help students gain a better sense of what they want to study in college or even pursue as a career.

More Adept at Processing & Learning From Experiences

A gap year provides students with an opportunity to reach new heights, whether that’s climbing a challenging peak, mastering a new language, or making a difference in another life or community. The ability to recognize those achievements and to grow academically, professionally, and personally — while making and learning from their mistakes — is integral to the gap year experience.

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