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Making the most of your time abroad

Choosing to take a gap year is an exciting decision, and a very personal one. Whatever your motivations may be — mastering a language before college, gaining professional experience to decide on a college track, taking the time to mature and think about your plans — it will prepare you for a better college experience. In fact, studies show students who take a gap year perform significantly better academically once they get to college. At CIEE, we’ll also make sure you gain the practical and lifelong skills that will help make that success happen.

All of our Language & Culture and Service & Leadership programs include a solid curriculum of language and intercultural study, while the Global Internship offerings include intercultural study along with a professional development course and internship. All programs are combined with cultural activities and excursions, enabling you to return home with a wealth of new knowledge and a fresh perspective on the world that will change the way you think for a lifetime.

Across destinations, our programs include:

Global Competence Course

All of our programs include a unique intercultural course to get you into gear for the most successful gap year experience possible. The course starts online before departure and carries over in-country, to leave you equipped with valuable tips, tools, and core knowledge, along with a framework for building global competence during your gap year and beyond.

Language Hours

While language learning is the focus in Language & Culture programs, our Service & Leadership programs based in non-English-speaking countries also involve language classes, to help you get the most out of your time abroad. For those participating on Global Internship programs, CIEE local staff will be able to assist students with arranging for private tutoring or enrollment in language classes, if requested.

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