Springtime - Funtime !

Authored By:

Mohamed-Amin Z.

Hi folks!

A lot has happened since my last post. This blog post will be about my springtime here.

I am doing track in the spring season. I run long distance which is one mile, and I throw shot put and discuss. We already went to a few meets, and it was a lot of fun to compete at those. I want to try the 800-meter race too, but that one is faster, and I still have to practice for that. 

I will fly to Baltimore for the BUBW-Conference (Better Understanding for Better World). I won the contest for that trip, so I will get to participate for free. I had to record a two minutes video about Martin Luther King Jr. I was very excited when I found out that I won, and I am looking forward to being a part of the conference.

I visited Angel who is an exchange student from Tunisia. She lives in Bellingham, so I took the train from Seattle up there. We are really good friends, and I had an amazing weekend meeting all her friends, and hanging out.

It seems like the spring is field trip season. We went to visit a college to go through an application simulation, we visited the Seattle Aquarium, and we visited Microsoft to learn more about software engineering. There are more field trips planned for example we will go to see a Shakespeare play, we will visit another college and we will go to the Seattle Aquarium again. 

I have also planned to go to Disneyland with my local coordinator and a few exchange students. I am really excited about that especially because I have never been to any Disney resorts. 

A teacher who is used to be my cross country coach organized a trip to a baseball game with a few students. I am happy about that because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to go there. We will see the Seattle Mariners play against Cleveland Indians.

Additional to all these things I will go camping a few times. I will go twice with my local coordinator and once with my hist family. I have never been camping before, so I am super excited to go. 

Of course there will be prom too but unfortunately, my school hasn't officially announced anything yet. 

My year abroad will end shortly after all these events, and I am enjoying my time here a lot. It makes me sad to think about leaving even though I miss my family in Germany. I have created a new home here, and will always see Seattle as my home.

Thanks for reading my blog post! I hope it has been informative and interesting.