Its not cold at Hockey Games, really.

Authored By:

Alfonso G.

For this post I wanted to talk about a great experience that I had about three weeks ago now. My local coordinator took all the students she is in charge of over to Salt Lake City, Utah to see a hockey game.

We stayed in Salt Lake for 2 days so all the students got to meet each other and spend some great time together if they hadn't met each other before. The time we spent there was so much fun that I am already looking forward for the next time all the exchange students get together again.

Going back to the game, I still don't get how they manage to keep the ice from melting, yet its hot enough for you to use just a t-shirt. But the game was really fun, I mean the players slam each other towards the walls and its perfectly fine, obviously you are going to have fun. It was also my fist time watching a hockey game and I have to say it was incredibly fun.

I highly recommend going to a hockey game if you have never been to one, and if you have I am pretty sure you want to repeat.