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Key Components of the Program

Your study abroad adventure can last from three months to a full academic year. Regardless of length, our programs always include placement in a local high school and host family, and offer exciting excursion opportunities.

Local High School Placement

You’ll be placed in a reputable, well-established public or private high school. We have relationships with schools all over the world. You’ll attend classes in the local language and follow the normal local curriculum. Walking in the shoes of a typical teen, you’ll quickly become part of the local scene.

You may be the only American at the school, but you’ll make new friends and build relationships before you know it. Our alumni consistently tell us it didn’t take long to find a group of friends and bond with people they’ll stay in touch with for a lifetime. You’ll be the envy of your American buddies as you take on a high school experience you’ll cherish forever!

Local Host Family Placement

A carefully vetted host family, interested in welcoming a foreign student into its home, is matched with each child. The family homestay is at the heart of any exchange, so finding the right family for you is our first priority. You and your natural family will have a chance to communicate with the host family by phone or email prior to departure.

What will daily life be like? It depends on the country. In Spain, breakfast is likely a light course of toast with olive oil. In Japan, it might be an onigiri (a rice ball stuffed with fish, meat, or seaweed). In France, you’ll have a long lunch, followed by a leisurely break eating gelato in the park, followed by afternoon classes until 6 p.m. You might find yourself learning traditional dancing in Ireland, playing competitive football (soccer) in Chile, or mastering the samba in Brazil!

After school, your evenings will offer the chance to spend time with new friends or at home with your host family, enjoying dinner, conversation, and the rhythms of the family’s daily routine.

Through all of these experiences, you’ll build a home away from home with your host family and develop relationships that endure long after you’ve finished your High School Abroad program. You’ll also come away with advanced language skills, an impressive display of initiative and independence for your college applications, and the kind of intercultural proficiency so valuable in today’s global economy.

Activities & Excursions

Live and breathe the local culture every day of the week. Discover your host town and region inside and out with your new local family and friends. After school, join in optional extracurricular sports and activities. On weekends, take part in organized daytrips and excursions to hike, bike, and explore historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and places of unforgettable natural beauty.

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