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Your Adventure

Live the life of an ordinary high school student, in a far-from-ordinary place. School schedules, activities, cultures, and curricula are as diverse as the destinations themselves — which is all part of the adventure!

You’ll go to classes in the native language at a local high school, where you’ll likely be the only American. Living with a host family, you’ll experience the cuisine, traditions, and daily lives of the locals firsthand, every day. And even more opportunities to learn will be available to you, through organized activities and excursions planned to show you the highlights of your host country.

You can expect a life-changing experience that will improve your language skills and help develop your independence, resilience, and sense of self. Think of the unique essays you’ll be able to write for your college applications! Your time abroad will set you apart and give you an advantage over other students in the increasingly competitive college admissions race. In fact, alumni of this program have gone on to attend such prestigious universities as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, New York University, and the University of California, Berkeley.

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