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Cake by the ocean

By Sergio Jimenez at CIEE

Our HSA students were able to travel to Cádiz, the most Southern city in Europe. Cadiz, half island, half peninsula, is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of... keep reading

The French School System

By Julia G.

Moving to a new country can be incredibly daunting; add getting used to a new school system on top of that, and study abroad can seem overwhelming. Before I left... keep reading

What to Expect in a Chilean High School

By Sawyer R.

CIEE is not currently offering programs in Chile, but check out our other programs around the world. After six weeks of school in Chile, the following striking differences between American... keep reading

Learning Something New

By Madison P.

Time flies when you don't understand what is going on, which is how I feel 85% of the time at school. I go to school at Colegio Sagrado Corazón in... keep reading