Your First Two Months Abroad In Denmark

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High School Abroad in Denmark

Authored By: Elly Beckman 

Going abroad is a very scary experience. You’re away from friends, family, and home, to be honest. There can be tough times, but there can also be great times. Making it through the first two months of your studies is a great achievement!

In my first two months in Denmark, some of my best experiences have been spending time with my host family and a few classmates. In my 3rd week here, I attended a small birthday party with my class. It was nice to talk to people and learn more about everyone! I have also attended a couple of birthday parties with my host family. Meeting more people from around the country (and the world for me) and hearing fun stories has been a good experience.

Sometimes, it can be tough not speaking the language quite as well. Although I can understand some words, it is not enough to get by, and I need people to speak to me in English. People understand my situation, which I greatly appreciate! But it can feel a little lonely at times. If you ever feel lonely because you don’t understand what people are talking about, it’s very important to speak up! Communication is key when studying abroad. If you’re struggling with something, there are people who can help you. Just talk!

One great thing about studying abroad is the freedom to explore a new city. I have loved going into the city on weekends and getting some fresh fruit, a cup of coffee, and reading a book downstairs in a café. It’s great to spend some time to yourself to recharge, but I have also had fun going out and walking around with others! Last weekend, my host sister and I went to a rooftop coffee shop and saw the city from above. Although it was very foggy, it was a beautiful view.

Also, sometimes it can be very nice to connect with other students studying abroad! I have met up with some other exchange students doing the same program as me, and it has been great. I can see other cities and connect with them, as well as get advice. Going on the CIEE-sponsored trip was wonderful, and I really made some good connections.

Studying abroad can be hard but also wonderful, and you can learn a lot. I’m looking forward to learning even more, making more connections, and experiencing more of a new place. Remember to seize opportunities and reach out for help when needed!