Spring 2024 HSA Photo Contest Finalists

We’re pleased to announce the finalists in our Spring 2024 CIEE High School Semester Abroad photo contest! 

Head over to our Instagram page to vote for your favorite. 

Voting is open from May 6-12, 2024, and the winner will be announced the week of May 13th.

Meet the finalists! 

Group photo of high school participants in Seoul smiling at a South Korean school

This is the 2023 Session II of high school program in Seoul, South Korea! This day we spent at a high school in Seoul and had so much fun interacting with Korean students. We did so much with them it was an unforgettable experience! We played traditional games, watched their performance, toured their school, had lunch, and they were even able to teach us a dance!! Before we left we took a group picture to capture this wonderful memory!! Feel free to ask any questions about my experience in South Korea !! 

- Alexa Zuniga | Seoul, South Korea 

Church in Denmark on a sunny day

Visited this stunning church in Copenhagen today, and check out this epic statue out front! It was so striking against the church's classic architecture. I just had to snap a pic. 

- Darian Peters | Grindstead, Denmark

Student with her host sisters sitting by the Seine with Notre Dame behind them

This is me and my little host sisters at the sanctuaries Notre-Dame de Lourdes. This was on April 20th. I got to learn about Christianity in France and got to listen to a live mass. It was amazing!

- Jennifer Peralta | Toulouse, France

Student with host sisters at Easter holding up pictures of rabbits

This is me and my little host sisters during Easter. We drew some Easter theme pictures right after Easter egg hunting.  This was in our home in Charlas, France. They suggested the silly faces! 

- Jennifer Peralta | Toulouse, France 

Students sitting on a wall overlooking a city in Morocco

On an overnight trip in Chefcouan, Morocco, my group took a hike to the top of a mosque to see the sunset. This picture shows most of the city which is fully covered in blue, with a pretty sunset behind it. It gives major Pinterest vibes!! 

- Joy Otusanya | Rabat, Morocco 

Cats in front of blue door in Morocco

In Morocco cats are everywhere, you can’t walk down a block without seeing at least three. This day our group had an after school tour near the beach and we saw these two cute cats snuggled up on each other and a beautiful blue door. The door was actually an entrance to someone’s house, it made me wish I could live in a place with beautiful architecture like Morocco. This photo reminds me so much of spring. 

- Joy Otusanya | Rabat, Morocco

High school student in Seville wearing a traditional flamenco dress

This is me dressed in my flamenco dress at the Feria de Sevilla in Sevilla, Spain. It’s a traditional fair where people fill the streets in traditional flamenco outfits and dance and eat in casetas, colorful tents. 

- Makena Desermia | Sevilla, Spain  

High school students in front of a mosque in Cordoba, Spain

This is me and two friends at the mosque in Cordoba, Spain. We’re outside the mosque after a tour with CIEE! 

- Makena Desermia | Sevilla, Spain  

Two young women in ski gear in Cavalese, Italy

This photo was taken on March 30th, 2024 at 11:59 a.m. in the town of Cavalese, Italy. My host-sister Matilde and I are on the ski lift together. She is the one in the blue jacket, and I am in the red and grey jacket. And this is our 5-6 ski lift ride of the day. 

- Marilyn Olson | Montelabbate, Italy

Photo taken on top of Las Setas overlooking the city of Seville, Spain

On top of Las Setas overlooking Sevilla, foto taken on our groups first day in the city. 

- Ze Tippett | Sevilla, Spain 

Good luck to all the finalists, and happy voting!

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