My First Dream in Spanish

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Maya M.

This week has been kind of calm. I have received a lot of information for upcoming events, like when exams are or what trips are coming up that I need to prepare for, but nothing has actually happened. However, I did get to see a few friends from my CIEE group, and it was really great to see them and talk to them and see how they have been doing. We all seem to be having a great time, despite our language barriers, with our host family, friends and school.

Since nothing major has happened this week, I wanted to talk about my first dream in Spanish! I don’t remember most of the dream, but I do remember one small part. The dream had started out in English and kind of slipped into Spanish, but it was only words and phrases that I know really well or have heard my host family say. The part that I remember is I got a call from my grandmother (she speaks Spanish fluently) and she started speaking to me and asking questions in Spanish and I would answer in Spanish. Then my alarm woke me up and I was laying there thinking “Can I just sleep 5 more minutes?” but then I sat up and realized, “Oh my god. I just had a dream in Spanish.”  I couldn’t stop smiling I was so happy. This happened on Wednesday night, and since then, all my dreams have been in Spanish. Well...Spanglish technically, but I am definitely hearing some conversations in Spanish. Sometimes I feel like I can’t understand anything, even something as simple as Hola. ¿Qué tal? (Hello. How’s it going?), but this has made me realize that I am learning and understanding more Spanish faster than I thought. And even though my speaking level isn’t the best, it’s given me more confidence to speak, which will help me improve faster. 

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