Lisbon, Portugal

Authored by:
Maya M.

To quote about half the people in my program, Lisbon is the San Francisco of Europe. Now I’ve only been to San Francisco a few times, but Lisbon really did look like it from the bridge that we crossed over, which looked really similar to the Golden Gate Bridge. With the rolling hills and all the different colored buildings sitting next to the water, it looked almost the same. They even had a couple trolleys, but those were used mainly by American tourists. There was tons of beautiful street art everywhere that just made the city have such a fun and calming vibe. We had a lot of free time to just explore the city for ourselves and I was able to make really close friends on this trip. That was probably one of the best things to come out of this trip. We also had a couple outings as a group that I really enjoyed, like going on top of this building (I don’t remember the name!) and getting an amazing view of the city or visiting the cathedral in Belém. Even though I’ve said this about all my trips, this was probably my favorite. I know this isn’t a very long blog considering I’m saying this is my favorite trip and it’s super late, but it’s more of a grateful feeling that I have that I don’t really know how to put into words. Lisbon was just so beautiful and relaxing and there was such good energy that I didn’t want to leave. I really hope I can go back again someday. 

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