International Food Festival

For those students who joined our high school exchange program in Zhengzhou, China, it is not just an opportunity for them to know more about Chinese culture, but they could introduce local students to their own culture too! This time, a secondary school that cooperated with us in Zhengzhou held an international food festival. By inviting students from Italy, Germany, Thailand and America, we got to know more about each other.

During this festival, exchange students were encouraged to wear traditional costumes of their own culture and prepare a dish that represents their countries. Also, we had a group of Chinese students would cook some traditional Chinese food. 
All staff and students on campus were invited to this festival, they would taste the food, talk to the 'chefs' and know more about the cultural meanings behind the dishes. We don't always have to go abroad to experience a foreign culture, we could experience the same thing by inviting foreign students to share with us.
As the students have to work as a team to prepare this festival, they also understood more about each other and knew better about how to be a good team player. 

Thank you for all teachers and students who organized this festival and supported our international 'chefs' during this activity.

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