High School Semester Checklist

  1. Visas:  Does your participant already have a visa appointment (if applicable)?  Instructions for getting a visa are available in your participant’s CIEE My Account.  Visa appointments fill up quickly, so make your appointment now!  Start putting together the documents you need to take with you to your visa appointment.  Some documents can take a long time to get, so start now!  Some documents will be sent to you by CIEE and we will provide them as soon as they are available from our in-country staff.
    1. There is a visa reading in your participant’s CIEE: My Account.  If you have questions, please email CIEE at:  hsyearabroad@ciee.org
  2. Flights:  CIEE will book your participant’s flight from a gateway airport.  This international flight is included in the program tuition.  Before booking the gateway flight, CIEE will contact the participant and parents/guardians to find out if you would like to customize the return date beyond the program end date. 
    1. Please Note:  You are responsible for getting your student to the gateway airport, which may require a domestic flight. You will be notified of which gateway airport CIEE will use for your participant’s flight  XXX.  When booking your domestic flight, check airline requirements and be sure to choose an airline that does not require additional services such as unaccompanied minor status.  If you have any questions, contact us at hsyearabroad@ciee.org  before finalizing your booking. 
  3. Baggage:  As you and your participant start to sort through what to pack, please consider airline restrictions on baggage.  Take it from experience – don’t over pack! Your participant’s room abroad may be smaller than their room at home, and they will need to be able to carry their own luggage during travel. Airlines have strict baggage rules on number of items, weight, and size.  Be sure to check with the airline(s) on which your participant will travel to familiarize yourselves with baggage restrictions.  Restrictions can vary from airline to airline so make sure you do your research.  Overweight baggage is expensive!
  4. Packing List: In the “Readings” section of your participant’s CIEE My Account, you will find a comprehensive packing list.  Please be sure to check it out. 
    1. Medications – Please plan ahead of time to ensure your participant has all the medications they need. They must bring enough prescription medication to last their entire time abroad as well as a copy of the prescription (generic form as brands may vary from country to country).  We advise against participants changing any prescriptions immediately prior to their program or stopping any medications without the consultation of their guiding physician. Furthermore, students taking anti-depressants or other medications for mental health are advised to continuously take their prescribed dose. In an effort to keep participants safe and happy, if they are having questions, concerns or thoughts about changing and stopping their medication during the program, they should speak with their doctor or CIEE staff before doing so.

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