Guess who is back?!

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High School Abroad in Spain

Authored By:

Sergio Jimenez

It seems like a pandemia since we posted something here but those dark days are over (and we are sure the pandemia will too). We couldn´t be more excited at CIEE to receive students again. It is THE SIGN that things are getting better and that there is a light at the end of the Covid  tunnel.

Yes, travelling is challenging.

Yes, we need to wear masks.

Yes, we need to take safety precautions and keep distance but hey, none said going through a pandemia was easy.

We are glad that we can continue changing lives despite what we are going though and we always try to make the best of everything. It is important to putt ourselves into learning mode with an open positive mind.

So, yes, our first five high school students arrived in Sevilla almost 2 weeks ago. They have been adapting to their Spanish families, Spanish food (that didn´t take long), new school life and living in the city. Their Spanish have improved drastically in just a couple of weeks and we cannot wait to see how they grow while in Spain.

What are you waiting for? Come on and check out the HSA program for Spain for Fall 2021! There are still spots available.