Granada: one of the most beautiful cities in the world

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Raquel Burgos

Raquel Burgos

Trip to Granada: November 8-10 2019

Granada may not be known around the world but the Alhambra acts as an international representative for one of the most admired monuments and a declared heritage site. The Alhambra is one most visited monuments in Spain and when you get there, you learn why. The majesty of this original Moorish construction has made all those who are lucky enough to visit fall in love with it. The Alhambra and Granada itself leaves nobody feeling indifferent. From Moorish roots to flamenco, a free tapa with your drink and the beautiful snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada act as a charming magnet.

CIEE HSA students got to experience this unique city during a three day trip. The Alhambra takes you centuries back and our students get to learn the history, culture and cuisine that the Moorish left as a legacy.

During the CIEE trip, our students get to visit the Alcazaba: an amazing Moorish arquitecture with fantastic views of the Granada; walk through the old town and its plazas; visit the Royal Chapel burial place of the Catholic Monarchs; visit the old Jewish quarter called Albaicín. Pur students get a lot of free time to explore and embrace Granada themselves.

A picture is worth a thousand words so please, see the pictures above.

Also see the video that Fall TRI student Emma Layman did of the trip:

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