Farewell between finals

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High School Abroad in Spain

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Patricia Witzig

CIEE Madrid hosted a potluck farewell event last Friday to bring host families and CIEE students together to toast the end of the program. A game of CIEE Jeopardy showed that students learned a lot about their adopted city and country, with the winners being the “Lentejas” team: Lily, Josh and his host brother, Jorge.

Our farewell showed a true mix of Spanish/American merienda foods: tortilla española, local Spanish cheeses, bread, empanada, chocolate croissants, magdalenas, chips, and chocolate cake. I am sure students will take home the recipe for tortilla española to share with their American families , a classic favorite for all!

All things must come to an end… but that does not mean you leave empty handed!

Many new friendships have been forged during academic year 2018-2019. Trips with host families after the program ends, and return visits, have already been booked to delay goodbyes as long as possible. Spanish host families and/or siblings have reserved flights to visit their American siblings in the US this summer. Although we held the farewell event in May, it looks like true goodbyes will not be said until July or August.

¡Hasta siempre!