Extreme Humidity, Cancelled Buses, and New Aussie Friends

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Phoebe S.

Phoebe S.

On Friday, I finished my first week at Burnside State High School in Nambour, QLD. It's definitely safe to say that I won't forget the last few days! Tuesday morning, my host mum dropped me off at school and I attended an orientation with 5 other new internationals. It was a lot of fun to meet other students from abroad! After receiving our uniforms and going on a tour of the school, all of us newbies had morning tea with the international coordinators and other internationals already at the school. We all ate a few too many Tim-Tams I think, but what else are you gonna do in your first week in Australia, right? That afternoon, I went to my very first Aussie class: marine science. We started an oceanography unit and currently are learning about the bathymetry of the ocean floor. I met lots of nice people in that class which left me with high hopes for the next 6 months. Apparently they all liked my accent that I didn't realize I had!

The next day was spent relaxing and exploring my neighborhood because as a year 11, I have every Wednesday off school. Thursday, however, was anything but relaxing at times. I met the rest of my teachers that day and enjoyed my classes. My Legal Studies teacher introduced me to some nice girls, and by the end of morning tea, the friend group had adopted me! Even though I was brand new, everyone invited me in openly, kept me constantly engaged in the conversation, and explained any backstory or slang without me having to ask. I can't wait to see where the friendships lead! Now here comes the hectic part: navigating Queensland's bus system. Between 2 cancelled buses and a humidity level high enough to swim through the air, it was a bit of an adventure getting home. Thankfully, I made it back eventually, if a little sleepy and sweaty. 

Friday was my favorite school day. Turns out, one of my new friends is on my bus a few days a week! Throughout the day, I started breaking out of my shell, talking to my classmates, and making an effort to not get lost. Still working on the last one, but I can generally find my classes, even if not quite on time yet. I even went to a choir rehearsal! I met some very nice people there and I'm excited to come back to choir after a year or two off.

Anyways, I've got a bit of homework to do, so I should go. My last few days have been full of ups and downs, but I can't wait to experience what else Burnside has in store for me!

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