Exploring Cadiz Province

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Dani Gonzalez

Dani Gonzalez

One of the most important things about Studying Abroad is visiting new places. On the first weekend of October, we spend 3 days in Cadiz, the southernmost province in Spain. On Friday, we visited one of the best beaches in Europe, Bolonia. Its golden sand and its waves make this place the favorite beach for surfers. Close to the seaside, there was an ancient Roman city where the students could know more about the history of this part of Spain. 

On Saturday, we had a tour through Cadiz downtown, a 3200 years old city (the oldest city in Europe). We visited the Cathedral, the Central Market, and La Caleta beach, where most of the students spent the evening. 

Finally, on Sunday we went to "Arcos de la Frontera", one of the most beautiful towns in Cadiz. Its narrow streets and its white houses made this little village a special place to visit. 

We are looking forward to our next trip!! 

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