Art, lettering and advertisement

There are a bunch of things that Valparaíso is known for in Chile. Can you name a few? Chorrillana is one of them; trolebuses and ascensores are another; the art and cultural carnivals, yes!; and well, less acknowledged but equally important are the traditional advertisement signs. 

The traditional signs are everywhere in Valpo, although Barrio Puerto displays the most fascinating ones. They advertise a range of things −from bus stops on the micro's front windshields (buses), to "fresh bread sold here" in bakeries. They are colorful, fun, vintage, and a perfect souvenir for friends and family!

Our High School students had the chance to create their own Porteño advertisement signs with the help and tutoring of Marco Trigo, an especialized painter. Making use of the technique known as "Fileteado Porteño", we put personal, sounding words and phrases into our canvases: "Que paja", "hay café?", "con amor", "gringo", and other words were given new life in gaudy, picturesque lettering.