Adjusting to a New Life

Authored by:
Emma S.

It has officially been one month since my arrival to Spain. So much has happened within such little time that it all feels like a blur. At the same time, I am slowly adjusting to a new life with a new school, family, and friends. I am not going to lie, my first week of school was tough. I did not understand a word any of my teachers were saying, and it was hard to communicate because I am by no means a fluent Spanish speaker. But I can confidently say that I have been improving little by little every day. I have found that the key to improvement is to try. Just try your absolute hardest even though it may seem like it's no use at all. Belive me, it works wonders over time. This means talking to peers in Spanish even though they may try to speak to you in English. It also means writing small phrases down that you understand from a long lecture from a teacher. Even after school, it is important to communicate with your host family. Though this is a constant struggle and mentally draining, the results are worth it. My goal here is to improve my Spanish, and I am proud to say that by trying, I am achieving that goal. 

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