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The CIEE Difference: A Promise of Quality

What makes for a great cultural exchange experience?

If You're a Student ...

... it’s about living in another country, discovering a unique culture, and doing things you have never experienced before. A great exchange experience means learning about America, enjoying yourself, and embarking on an adventure you’ll remember forever.

If You're an Employer ...

... exchange is about bringing the world to your workplace and community, and helping overseas students immerse themselves in American culture. It also means creating opportunities for these eager young people to be an active player on your seasonal team.

In either case, the success of this experience depends in great part on what your program sponsor does for you. This is where CIEE comes in: connecting students with great jobs at employers all across America, recruiting great candidates, and supporting everyone throughout. This is what we call the CIEE difference.

Each year, CIEE connects more than 15,000 students with thousands of employers across the United States. But simply being the biggest doesn’t make us the best. The CIEE commitment to quality is what makes the difference.

When You Choose CIEE Work & Travel USA, You’re Assured of:

  • Rich cultural exchange
  • A large and varied selection of jobs, locations, or candidates
  • A sponsor that makes the entire process simple
  • A reliable partner that understands your needs and aspirations
  • A positive hiring and job experience
  • Student and employer support that solves problems fast
  • Helpful experts who give clear answers

CIEE was founded in 1947. Today, we are a world leader in international education and exchange, working to support cultural efforts like the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.

We’ve been welcoming CIEE Work & Travel USA students since the J-1 visa was created in 1969. Today, we sponsor more J-1 visa exchange visitors than any other organization. Why? Because people trust our programs and the quality we deliver.

Live the CIEE Difference

CIEE Work & Travel USA brings students and employers more – an emphasis on the exchange experience, stronger support, and the peace of mind that there’s always someone ready to help.

Better Experiences

We look for employers who share our commitment to quality cultural exchange. Every job is approved by CIEE, and meets our rigorous standards. We encourage cultural exchange by hosting regular events where students can meet and learn more about America – from the annual Civic Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. to our regional Connect USA gatherings. And, we stay connected with students, with regular cultural emails and social media. With CIEE, students have more to see, more to do, and learn more about America. This all adds up to making their stay in the United States more enriching.

Stronger Support

With decades of leadership in international exchange, CIEE knows what makes for a smooth-running program. Every participant is well prepared to make the most of their time in the United States. And, we’re always ready to help with easy-to-reach support, personal visits from our staff, travel insurance coverage, 24/7 emergency assistance and employer resources.

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