Letters of Recommendation

Personal and employment references are among the most important criteria for hiring decisions by camps. References give both CIEE and our camps a chance to hear from the professionals in your life about what makes you a great camp exchange USA candidate. Providing two professional references are a Camp Exchange USA program requirement and a camp employment requirement.

  • What makes a good reference?
    • A good reference shows why you will make a great camp counselor by giving examples of your skills as well as personality strengths. Camps are looking for staff who give 100% effort towards the needs of the camp program and the campers.    
  • Who should complete a CIEE Camp Exchange Reference on your behalf?
    • References submitted to CIEE must be from professionals who have known you for at least six months.  Teachers, mentors, coaches, managers, and professors traditionally make for the best references. It is important that the professionals you ask are those who can write about your experience working with children, teaching others, being part of a team, and/or facilitating.
    • References completed by family members, friends, classmates, and direct co-workers are not acceptable.
  • How do I ask for a letter of recommendation?
    • When you are asking for a recommendation, think of people who know you well and who can speak about your skills and progress at school or work.  Your teachers, coaches and mentors want you to succeed in your professional and personal endeavors.  Explain why you want to be a camp counselor and don’t be shy about giving some suggestions of what they can share to support your application.  Remember to thank them for their help!
  • What form should my reference use?
    • Please use CIEE’s Participant Application Reference Form. Letters of recommendation are great, but CIEE’s form asks specific questions about your qualifications for the Camp Exchange USA program.
    • Be sure that your reference completes the form in its entirety and includes their direct contact information for verification.
  • Where should I submit my completed CIEE Camp Exchange USA Reference?
    • Submit reference forms to your international representative and upload them in PDF format to your Beacon Application.
  • When should I submit my completed CIEE Camp Exchange USA Reference?
    • As soon as possible! At least one reference is required for your international representative to submit your completed application to CIEE.
    • Two references are required for CIEE to fully accept your Beacon Application and produce your DS-2019 form.