How to Have a Successful Summer

Your job at camp may be the hardest job you’ve ever had, but you can bet that it will be more than just a job; it will also be a unique and life-changing personal experience in which you act as both a role model and mentor to a group of kids.

The following tips will help you succeed in this challenging but rewarding environment:

Be a team player

Working at camp is all about teamwork. Help your fellow counselors and staff, be flexible, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your camp may ask you to perform tasks outside your job description; this is normal and should be viewed as an opportunity to gain new work experience. In other words, all camp counselors and staff are expected to go above and beyond their own responsibilities to ensure all campers have a wonderful camp experience.

Be on time

Although camp is a place filled with fun activities and games, every minute of the day is tightly scheduled. Being on time is essential. You must also ensure your campers arrive to meals and activities with the necessary attire and equipment. Showing up late is unacceptable. If you are late repeatedly, you will be seen as someone who doesn’t take their job seriously; this could result in you being fired.

Be Enthusiastic

Have a positive attitude! You are working at camp to empower campers and to build up their confidence in their abilities. At times, this can be exhausting; try not to let tiredness affect your mood. Get enough sleep, take part in the full range of activities with your campers, and know that you will be able to rest more after a fun and successful summer.