Health & CIEE Insurance

CIEE insurance provides extensive coverage against typical risks to international travelers such as accidents, sudden illness, and more. However, this is travel insurance; as such, it does not cover routine doctor visits, regular dental treatment, or any treatment for pre-existing conditions.

For more information about your insurance policy, including a list of benefits and exclusions, please visit If you have any questions about CIEE insurance, finding a doctor, getting treatment, or what to do if you have a pre-existing condition, please contact

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As a Camp Exchange USA participant, you will receive an insurance ID card that will act as proof of insurance. You will need to show this card when seeking medical treatment in the U.S. As such, it’s important to keep this card with you at all times; while at camp, you should also keep a copy of this card with the camp nurse or doctor.

Please note: If you do not present your insurance ID card when seeking medical treatment, you may be asked to pay a large out-of-pocket expense. This can be very expensive.


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If you are at camp, seek out the camp nurse or doctor first. Your camp will have emergency procedures and can help if you need treatment.

You can also:

  • Contact CIEE for assistance
  • Find a doctor using online at CIEE Insurance

If you are not at camp and experience a non-emergency medical situation, the best place to go is a walk-in clinic or urgent care center. The benefits of such facilities include:

  • Convenient hours – they are usually open in the evenings and on weekends
  • The wait is usually much shorter than in emergency rooms
  • The cost is usually less than visiting an emergency room
  • You do not have to make an appointment or have a relationship with the doctor to be seen and treated

Please note: If you go to the emergency room for a non-emergency medical situation, you will most likely have to wait several hours to be seen and could incur a high cost – much higher than your co-payment. Use a walk-in clinic or urgent care center whenever possible.


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In case of a life-threatening event, call 911 right away. Police, medical, and/or fire crews will come quickly to your location. CIEE is also available 24 hours a day for emergency situations. Call us at 1-888-268-6245. We can help if:

  • You are the victim of a crime
  • You are arrested
  • You are involved in a car accident
  • You are in a situation that involves police, immigration authorities, or media coverage
  • You are evicted from housing
  • You are experiencing emotional distress or need urgent counseling for any reason
  • You are dealing with a natural disaster (storms, floods, earthquakes, etc.)


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If you currently take medication, bring enough to last the duration of your Camp Exchange USA program. All prescriptions should be appropriately packaged/labeled before leaving your home country. Please check with your local U.S. Embassy about any specific documents you may need to enter the U.S. with your medication.

Important Notes About Medication

  • Upon arrival at camp, the nurse will require that you keep all medications and prescriptions in the camp health center, as these cannot be kept in your cabin.
  • Birth control is not free in the U.S.; nor is it covered by your insurance.
  • If you lose or run out of your prescription medication, you will have to visit a U.S. doctor. (Your prescription from home is not valid in the US.)
  • If you need medicine after you arrive in the U.S., please contact CIEE for additional information or assistance in finding a doctor.


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For concerns that are unrelated to medical treatment or medical emergencies, you may contact CIEE during office hours using our toll-free number: 1-888-COUNCIL.

Example issues include:

  • Loss of your DS-2019
  • Loss of your passport
  • Homesickness
  • Social Security and/or tax problems
  • If you’re the victim of theft or a non-violent crime
  • If you need basic legal information
  • Other concerns related to camp