New Year's Eve

Authored By:

Skyler F.

In Germany, New Year's Eve is a very big holiday. Nearly everyone gathers for a party and to set off fireworks, very much like in the United States. Along with drinking champagne, making New Year's resolutions, and more! 

There are some differences though. I felt as though the fireworks were a lot bigger of a deal. There are only two days you can buy them, so everyone gets up early and goes to the store in order to buy them. My host mom said that she got to the store three minutes after it opened, and nearly everything was gone. The skies seemed to also have a lot more fireworks, maybe due to the close proximity of houses. 

Another difference I found is that people tend to meet up a lot earlier and leave later to the parties. Many of the parties started at 7 or 8 p.m. and lasted until 3 or 4 a.m. which I feel can be good or bad depending on what type of person you are. I also feel that the parties are a lot calmer, with sitting around a table talking or maybe playing some card games for most of the night.