Month 4

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Andrea M.

Andrea M.

it's been 120 days since I have started this amazing and also scary adventure. I won't lie. Going to America has been one of the best but also worst decisions of my life. Going on an exchange year is one big roller coaster, honestly. One moment you are beyond happy and other moment you are all sad. One thing about homesickness is, don't try to keep it to yourself. Talk to your family! I personally tried to hide in my bedroom for the whole weekend, just because I wasn't feeling all happy and I didn't want them to know. (Of course, they figured it out, but never mind). Don't be afraid to tell them and mainly, don't be afraid to miss your family. A couple of my exchange student friends told me, that they feel bad for missing their home. Missing your family IS NOT a sign of weakness and it's completely okay. You may feel like you're the only one in this situation, but trust me, you're not. We all feel the same, others just don't show it that much. 

With that being sad, let's jump to what has happened in November. We celebrated Thanksgiving a week earlier - which pretty much consisted of meeting more family members and eating like A LOT of food. A lot of good food. On the actual Thanksgiving day my family took me to a college football game, which was some much fun! 

I also joined the swim team! We have had two meets so far and hopefully I will qualify to go to state. Sports are a really good way to meet people, so I really encourage you to do one. Even though you have never done it before, don't be afraid to try new things. All in all, exchange year is pretty much just about trying new things. 



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