Mid-Year Report and Seminar

Authored By:

Skyler F.

If you live in the Southeast, you will be going with the organization Experiment e.V. to Germany. You need to complete 15 service hours along with a Mid-Year Report detailing your experiences in Germany.

The Mid-Year report may seem daunting initially, but I think it is helpful. You get to express things that have happened, both the ups and downs. Along with any interactions you have had with the organization, to help them better understand what they can improve upon and how they can help you and other exchange students.

You will also be attending a Mid-Year Seminar, where you reflect on the first half of your exchange year. Here you can talk with other people to see if you are having cultural adaptation issues, or if something might actually be wrong. It is a great time to talk about things with people you feel comfortable with, get advice from other exchange students and Teammers, and so much more. Fun activities were planned and we got to explore Cologne and see an old bunker. We were also lucky enough to get some snow, which we all played in, which was absolutely beautiful./