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Olivia L.

Olivia L.

A list of differences so far living in Germany

Things I thought would be different

There is a German Netflix

They drive on the right side of the road

How the wifi connects with electronics

Smiling at people on the street

Styles of clothing 

American music is played in stores

Social media sites (Snapchat and Instagram)

Things I thought would be the same, but aren't

Windows can open from the top at a 45 degree angle inward

There are cobblestone roads in town

Toilets have the hole in the very front of the bowl and the flush on top

Protestant pastors where traditional priest robes

Smoking in public area indoors is allowed

One hand knives are illegal

Flags are put on the pole vertically

Nearly everyone uses "What'sApp" to text 

In the city differences

There are fences around every house

There are 2 of the same advertisement side by side

Blissfully quiet (like a country house but in a big city)

Ice cream parlors everywhere

Bakeries with fresh bread

Semi truchs front ends are flat

Smoking is very popular

Public drinking is allowed

Bikers will not stop for pedestrians

There is no announcement when changing states

Buildings are either centuries old or modeled after old architecture

Everyday life differences

Bread at Every meal

Every dog owner walks their dogs

Foods aren't sweetened as much as American foods

Spices are used in moderation

Everything is paid for in cash

Huge assortment of liquor and chocolate in stores

Store prices are very reasonable

Lots of windmills

You are more likely to see people dressed up "just because" so when in doubt, dress up

Spiders are HUGE

Little to no air conditioning

Germans are well informed on worldwide and American politics

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