Authored By:

Monste M.

If there is something more american that a Highschool play just like in "High School Musical" I don't know what it is. And of course, since Iove american things, yes I was in my Highschool play, Beauty and The Beast.

Even tho I've never thought of being in a play, once the auditions were announced there I was, trying it because why not? 

At the start I thought it was the worst idea ever and that I would never do a great job, but it turns out with me sobbing because I didn't want it to end. This experience was defenitely one of the best and one that I will never forget. The late night practices with my friends, the costumes, the laughs, the after school walks in the hallways, and the challenges I got through like the singing, the dancing and the acting. A once in a lifetime experience with my favorite people.

And now that it has come to an end and that the chances to be on stage again are low, I know that any of this will fade away and I know that this family will alway be in my heart.

And that is it, I just wanted to post a short and cheesy blog about this before living my american Christmas!!