24. Februar: Würzburg

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Katherine B.

Katherine B.

After school today, my host mom, sister and I went on an excursion to Würzburg, a city in the Franconia region of Bavaria.

As is the case with many German cities, Würzburg was beautiful. Würzburg is known for its Baroque and Rococo style architecture, and I was lucky to see sights such as the Marienkapelle and Neumünsterkirche. We also spent some time on the Mainbrücke, where several locals celebrated Feierabend with glasses of wine. 

We also took advantage of the wide selection of shops in Würzburg. I was even able to find a shop that sold British goods and stocked up on some of my favorite childhood foods, including orange marmalade. 

The day was not untainted by the recent events in the Ukraine. We had several discussions about it in school, and a protest against the invasion took place outside of the Marienkapelle. Throughout the afternoon, my host family and I somewhat consistently refreshed the news apps on our mobile phones. Today was unsettling, and I’m anxious to see how the crisis continues to develop. 

That being said, we still managed to have a wonderful outing. Out of all the cities I’ve seen in Germany so far, Würzburg is one of my favorites. Würzburg’s atmosphere is a nice blend of city and village life, and I can completely imagine myself living there in the future.

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