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By Tiernan G.
Countless times before leaving, I was told that I’ll have days that are full of adventure, some of the most memorable of my life. And then, I’ll have days just...keep reading
  • September
    By Tiernan G.
    My mom and I have a running joke about how I constantly think that things are going to be terrible, that I’m going to hate it or mess up or...keep reading
  • CBYX Begins
    By Gabriel V.
    The stress about leaving for a year did not hit me until the day before my flight to the pre-departure orientation in DC. This was mostly due to the fact...keep reading
    August II
    By Tiernan G.
    I’ve given lots of thought lately to the idea of transition periods. I noticed, that with CBYX, everything has been a transition period. I found out about the program, waited...keep reading
    Mamma Mia!
    By Marli W.
    August 20, 2018 Today marks the beginning of our third week at Language Camp in Bad Laasphe. We’ve had German classes, group discussions on the cultural differences between the USA...keep reading