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  • November
    By Tiernan G.
    It’s definitely been a minute since I wrote a blog post. I’ve been holding out because I wanted to write about Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was almost a week ago. To be...keep reading
    By Tiernan G.
    Countless times before leaving, I was told that I’ll have days that are full of adventure, some of the most memorable of my life. And then, I’ll have days just...keep reading
  • Visiting Hameln
    By Samantha J.
    One of my friends from language camp, Mariel, only lives about 40 minutes away from Höxter, so I spent this past weekend with her and her host family. She told...keep reading
  • September
    By Tiernan G.
    My mom and I have a running joke about how I constantly think that things are going to be terrible, that I’m going to hate it or mess up or...keep reading