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By Tiernan G.
Happy March! As it’s already the middle of the month, I officially have three months until I’ll be back in America. I didn’t think it would be possible for time...keep reading
  • Februar
    By Tiernan G.
    One of the things that led me to this exchange program was my love of foreign languages. So when I switched host families, I was excited to find out that...keep reading
  • The Bundestag and Berlin
    By Samantha J.
    A couple of weeks ago, my host family and I were contacted by my Bundestag representative (the person that represents my region at the German parliament in Berlin), Herr Christian...keep reading
  • CBYX Mid-Year Seminar
    By Samantha J.
    I went back to school for one day on Monday after getting back from Stuttgart, and then I left on Tuesday for Bonn. All of us were so excited to...keep reading
    By Tiernan G.
    One of the best things to come out of my exchange year this year has been the community I’ve found with my fellow exchange students. Right before flying to Germany,...keep reading