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  • Christmas Market Mayhem
    By Lauren M.
    Grüß dich! Being an exchange student means you have a couple of bucket list items. One of my most anticipated activities was the Christmas markets. Determined to see as many...keep reading
  • Christmas in the U.S.
    By Mara T.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year everybody! My December revolved, as most of yours probably did too, around Christmas. It was an amazing and very exciting time for me...keep reading
  • The Best Yes
    By Melissa Merfeld-Westland at CIEE
    The food is prepped, the noise makers are laid out, and we are ready to celebrate as another year comes to a close. My life looked very different at the...keep reading
    Healthcare Differences
    By Skyler F.
    In Germany, the healthcare differs a lot from that of the United States. The doctors office, the pharmacy, medications, and more. I have bbeen pretty sick and had to go...keep reading
  • Notions About November
    By Rachel H.
    Now that we’re well into December, the last thing I need to do before getting completely sucked into the Christmas spirit is reflect on November. While not nearly as busy...keep reading
  • My trip to Washington D.C.
    By Mara T.
    Welcome to my November blogpost! I am here in the U.S. with the "PPP/ CBYX-Program", which is a scholarship program funded and administered by the government of the U.S. and...keep reading