Swords Up and Go Raiders!

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Veronika P.

Veronika P.

In my previous post I mentioned a little bit about what my school is like, but I would like to explain more. There is a significant difference between education in the United States and Slovakia. 

First of all, colors of Orange Park High School are orange, black and white and mascot is raider. It is bigger than my school back home and has 2 and half times more students. 

Second of all, it starts at 7:20 and ends at 1:40. Periods are 50 minutes, breaks 6 minutes and lunch 30 minutes long.

Every day I have the same 6 classes: English, Spanish, History, Chemistry, Math and Economics. 3 of them are electives and 3 are mandatory. In addition, the school offers free breakfast and lunch. There are many after school activities and clubs, including sports, chorus, drama, band, etc.

In my opinion, the best experience so far has been Homecoming. That came with dressing up differently each day through out the Spirit Week, Raider Roar, Homecoming game and Homecoming dance. Everybody was excited and having fun.

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