September to Remember

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Mari N.

Mari N.


Today is the last day of September, which means that tomorrow starts the first day of a fresh month. Since we've come to the end of this one, I'd love to share what fun and interesting things I did this month! If you follow my social media, you might have already seen most of the pictures I'll be using. Hopefully the stories and weird moments are entertaining enough by themselves!

This month had both a sad and exciting start. Everyone was leaving language camp, but we were all excited to go to our host families. There were many hugs and lots of tears leading up to the train's arrival. This was an overall busy day that mostly consisted of high school kids running on and off of trains. Now I kind of understand what it must feel like to be on the tv show The Amazing Race. As hectic as times were, I finally made it to my host town in Oberhaching, Germany.

When I used to think of "the climb," I'd generally think of Miley Cyrus. Now many years later in a foreign country, "the climb" is reminding me of when I chose to walk up this giant hill with my host sister. I think the sunflower field at the top of the hill is what inspired us to make the five minute journey to the top. While it wasn't any sort of rewarding mental challenge, we were able to see the bright sunlight on the the beautiful yellow sunflowers. For us, that was all we needed to see. Seeing the flowers was definitely worth the walk.

Aside from random flower filled fields, we also encountered some other cool picture locations. Nearby we discovered some small dirt hills and used our creative camera angles to get some interesting shots. While it looks like I'm very far away from my host sister, I'm actually quite close. We had a lot of fun simply taking aesthetically pleasing pictures.

Nature is beautiful, but what if you could experience it indoors in the heart of Munich? That's right, this photo was taken inside one of Munich's most beautiful and glamorous malls! While I bought one small thing from here, walking around inside was quite the experience. The ceilings are all decorated with an outdoor theme and pretty hanging lamps. The mall itself features mostly food, clothing stores, and stationery shops/bookstores. Be sure to put it on your visit list, because you won't want to miss the Munich mall!

The last photo I have is from a day trip I made to Westpark, which is right outside of Munich. I wouldn't recommend biking there, but it isn't a bad idea if you're looking to get some excercise. What was once a garden exhibition now features several different structures located in the park. The buildings are absolutely stunning, and each structure has its own information you can read about.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly highlights blog! I'm looking forward to the new month ahead and whatever fun/interesting/crazy experiences October brings. Until then, stay tuned!


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