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Andrea M.

Andrea M.

It’s so unbelievable how fast the time flies here. When past exchange students were talking about how fast this year will fly by and that I have to enjoy every minute, they weren’t joking. I have been here for two months already and it definitely doesn’t feel like that. I only have eight months left. How?

So, what has been happening lately? I went to Denver with my family and celebrated my eighteenth birthday. They also told me that they will keep me for the whole year, which was the best birthday present I could have asked for. (They were my welcome family, so I was only supposed to stay with them for 6 weeks). Went to a Rockies baseball game and I’m proud to say, that I’m finally beginning to understand that sport!

Experienced my first and last homecoming - which was so much fun! The week before homecoming we had spirit days, that basically means that every day you have a theme and you should dress up by that. We also had the powderpuff game, which is a football game when senior girls play against junior girls and if you have the chance I definitely recommend you join the team. Even though you don’t know anything about football. Neither did I and most of the American girls don’t know how to play it too. So, don’t be worried about that and just join it!

So just enjoy your time here as much as you can and do everything that you can. Even if you just feel like staying at home. You only have one year and it goes by really fast - so make it count!

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