Revisiting Events in Germany: September 3, 2019

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Sarah L.

Sarah L.


I was looking back into my diary from Germany and I realized that I haven't talked about some of the events that happened, so here I am :)

September 3, 2019: 1st movie in German

The day started out like the usual day at Language Camp, but today our teachers decided to surprise us with a field trip to the town.

At first, we went to tour this historical church named Evangelical Church, where one of us became a translator for this friendly German lady who began to explain the history behind this site. What cracked many of us during the translation was the mistranslation of "motherly love" into "victims" while explaining the symbols in the church. But it was brave of our fellow translator for standing in front of everyone to translate a language that is not his native tongue. Many of us, including myself, was wowed and a little envious of how smooth his translation skills were. At that time, the only German I knew was how to order Eisschokolade, haha.

There was this signing book at the church and I decided to leave a little message in Korean. Hopefully, it will be there for future CBYXers and maybe my future self when I return back. 

P.S. if you are the future CBYXer reading this and will be going to Bad Laasphe, then maybe it could be our tradition. 

So back to the story.

Then, we went to the town's movie theater to watch the new Lion King in full German, of course. Honestly, before this, I have never watched the movie; I knew about the scene where the new lion is introduced to the animals and the general storyline due to Hamlet, but other than that, I was clueless. Thankfully, since it was a Disney movie, I could use context clues to what was being said. As embarrassed as I am to tell you this, the only sentence that I understood in that whole movie was when Simba was yelling the conjugated version of "helfen" beside his dad's lifeless body.  


One of the first things I did when I got back to the U.S. was to rewatch Lion King in German again. And to future CBYXers out there, don't worry too much if you are lost as I was because, by the end, you will have made so many memories and learned the language that you will be able to understand at least 80% of Lion King.

You are not alone in this journey!


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