A poem to share

Authored By:

Sabrina B.


Guten Morgen readers, 

Since being in Germany I have been doing a lot of poem writing. My poems help me digest my emotions and serve as a good record of my thoughts and experiences. I thought that I could add a few to my Blog page in between the travels and holiday recaps, to give you insight into some of my more personal moments.

This particular poem, I wrote last weekend after a day of wandering the streets of Hannover and encountering a woman who left a lasting impression on me. I hope you enjoy!

Stones of Shame

We all have a story to tell, personal truths from our own form of hell.

We seek other souls who have the power to relate but even with those who understand we still feel shame. 

A woman was kneeling on the cobblestones today, her head down but her palms facing the sky.

Her story unsaid but when our eyes met she began to cry.

I saw the shame in her eyes as she begged for money for her unborn child.

I reached into my pockets pulling out a 5 but as I handed it to her I felt like I was going to cry.

I felt conflicted that I was feeding her shame yet feeding her just the same.

Am I selfish for walking away after that worry?

Should I have stayed to hear her story?

We all are strangers in this world, who beg and plead and are usually ignored.

I hope that the kneeling woman remembers me not for the pity but the help.

For I will remember her not for her begging but for her powerful self. 

                                                                               - Sabrina 

As an Exchange Student, I find that I have a unique perspective where part of my job during my time in Germany is to create relationships and get to know people in my new surroundings. And the easiest way to do this is by hearing others' stories. We all have a unique life experience and I feel so lucky to interact with people who are willing to open up and talk to me. CBYX has provided me the chance to have these moments with others and to develop stronger bonds from our similarities and to learn from our differences. 

Until next time,