My second month in America

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Patricia A.

Patricia A.

This month I have done a lot of things, it’s not being easy but I’m living new experiences.

My month started looking for a homecoming dress I went with my host family, they helped me to choose one because it was a hard decision.

Finally I decided to wear a green dress because I thought it was more original and I love it.

It took us about a week find the dress and the heels that I was going to wear.

Next week I went to a high school club; we played games and I won so I got a blanket.

It was so much fun.

On the weekend I went with my sisters to a birthday party.

We watched a movie and played with neon lights.

Next day I was so excited because I was going to a picnic that CIEE had organized for the exchange students in Kansas City.

I met new people and I had a great time.

I was so excited for that week because it was the homecoming week and every day had a theme.

Monday was ‘Merica Monday so I wore the U.S colors.

But when I arrived at school I realized that no one was wearing like the theme.

I was really y disapointed but however I kept doing it the rest of the week.

On Tuesday we had to wear the same outfit with your friends; that was the only day that I didn’t follow the theme.

Wednesday we had to wear workout clothes from the 80s.

Seems like the people was encouraged but not at all.

On Thursday we had to wear country clothes so I did it.

Finally Friday was ‘Superfun Friday’ where we had to wear the school colors.

That day was different because there was the homecoming parade and we had 3 hours early release.

Also we had assembly which is one of my favorite things because the band and the cheerleaders performing.

On Friday I wore a football jersey like in the movies.

Then we went to the parade and finally to the football game.

In the football game was the coronation of homecoming queen and king.

I was really excited because on Saturday was the homecoming dance and I was going to sleepover with a friend.

So we did our nails and we started to make our make up and hair.

It was so fun.

Then we went to take pictures and I loved it.

We had dinner at an Asian restaurant and after that we went to the dance.

I really enjoyed. It was one of the best nights so far.

Next week we joined the gym so now we’re going twice a week and I really enjoy working out.

Also I spent the evening with a friend at her house.

That weekend I tried smoked s’mores for the first time.

And I went to a baptism, church here is so different than in Spain.

So that’s everything for my second month here, this month I have learnt a lot because not everything is perfect.

‘Everything take time’

In my next post I hope write about fall season here and the spirit.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you like it.

Yours sincerely, Patricia.










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