My School in U.S.A!

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Pisol P.

Let’s get to know how U.S. school be like!

I’m junior or 11th grader. My school name is Lee High School, there are about 1,500 students in my school, including African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, and Asians. We are all friend, no racial violence, no segregation. In Lee High, there is a huge theater hall. In Huntsville City School, the federal study organization, they split 8 classes into A day and B day. In A day, I study Precal (math class), Human Anatomy and Physiology, lunch time, AP Lan Eng, Internet Marketing. In B day, I have Entrepreneur, U.S.History 1877-present, lunch time, Theater, Chemistry H.

Let’s learn about U.S. classes. The 9th graders are called ‘ FRESHMEN ‘, the 10th graders are called ‘SOPHOMORES’, the 11th graders are called ‘JUNIOR’ and the 12th graders are called ‘SENIOR’. I’m junior but some classes like Precal, Human Anatomy and Physiology, I study with seniors. Another interesting system is AP and H classes. AP came from Advance Placement, AP class is more difficult and intensively than a normal class. H from honors is harder than a normal class, but still AP is the hardest.

I know that you are thinking that I’m an exchange student but I’m studying AP English, am I insane!? The reasons why I took AP English because I like to challenge myself. In AP English, we analyze essays, what is writer, exigence, context, audience, message, purpose, claim, evidence, high level of vocabularies, write essays, argument essays, and debates. I’ve never thought that those activities are hard and impossible for exchange student, I take it as a challenge that I must accomplish it and the end of the exchange year, I’ll be absolutely better in English. In U.S history class, the hardest class for exchange students, my teacher is very active, she runs around the class to help students to understand the history. The way we learn history here is so awesome. We learn it by analyzing the history and that way students can learn history effectively. I was so excited about the theater class, we learn how to build a show, play a show, control light and sound systems. The theater was so wonderful, I really enjoy spending time building stuffs for the shows.

I almost forgot, the American school lunch! I thought that lunch here would not tasty, but in fact, the lunch here surprised me. The school gives us full energy and vitamin every day. They give us protein, usually burgers, chicken, vegetables like salads, carrots, tomatoes, fruits and fresh milk. Every things were served as ‘American Size’!


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