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Grace W.

Grace W.

After a week of following my host sister around with her schedule, I finally have my own! Like I mentioned in my last blog post, classes here vary every day, and I finish school at different times. Unfortunately, I always have a first-hour class, but I’m pretty used to being at school at 8:00 a.m. back home so it’s not a big deal for me. So, here’s my school schedule for each week:



8:00-8:45: Biology 

9:50-11:20: English

11:35-1:10: German



8:00-9:35: Social Studies 

1:40-3:10: Catholic Religion

3:15-4:45: Music 



8:00-9:35: Biology

11:35-12:20: French

12:25-1:10: English

1:40-3:10: Social Studies



8:00-8:45: History

8:50-9:35: French

9:50-11:20: Math

11:35-12:20: English

12:25-1:10: German

1:40-3:10: Sport/Gym



8:00-8:45: History

8:50-9:35: Math

9:50-11:20: French

11:35-12:20: English


I’m still getting used to my schedule (by no means do I have it memorized), but overall I really enjoy having my own classes! Of course, learning and doing homework in German is difficult, but it’s also a good opportunity to improve my German. It definitely makes me appreciate having classes in my own native language, though. 


I hope that this gives some insight into the German school system and my daily routine here! 


Until next time, 




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