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Airi S.

Airi S.

I go to Great Crossing High School in KY, and it's new school opened this summer.

A few days before the school starts, I went to school, and chose my classes. The first impression of school were so big and clean! In addition, many teachers and other students told me '' Hi! '' and it got rid of my anxious!  I chose Art, chemistry, English, Algebra2, US History, and Life Skills.

The night before the first school day, I couldn't sleep because I was nervous and excited!! In the morning, I rode school bus for the first time. In the bus, there were many students, but I was nervous I could not talk to anyone :( Lastly we got to the school!

My first class was Art. I was surprise that many students were actively involved in classes unlike Japan. Now, Art is my favorite class! I was also surprised in the break time because we had only 5 minutes and we had to move the class. In Japan, we have 10 minutes break time ,and we stay same class, so it was busy for me.  The first school day was so busy for me me, and I couldn't make friends. However I have nice friends now! We talk, eat lunch together and take photos, I enjoy everyday!! I hope I can more enjoy my school life!!


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