My first weeks in the United States!

Authored By:

Mohamed-Amin Z.

Hi folks!

I am Amin and I am living since the 4th of August in Burien, Washington State. My first two weeks there weren’t that exciting because my host-brothers were at daycare/summer camp and my host-mother was working from early in the morning till the afternoon so I stayed home alone. I used the time for doing some yard work and trying to get volunteer opportunities.

On a weekend we did a trip to my host-brothers Grandfather who lives in Sandpoint, Idaho. After we spent two days at his house we drove over to Silverwood which is one of the biggest amusement parks in the North-West. It was a lovely time we spent there. In the third week, I started to meet some people of my age, to volunteer and to go to Cross Country practices. A boy who lives a few houses up the street was showing me Seattle-downtown and how to use the buses here. It was a really cool and funny day. I saw almost everything in Seattle and now I know how the bus-system is working. I was volunteering at the day care of a good family friend. It was nice to see how different daycare is from the ones in Germany. I  volunteered at Arts-Aglow which is an annual light festival in Burien. I painted kids-faces as tigers, butterflies and more. It was a very awesome evening I spent with my host-family. 

A couple of days later Cross Country practice started and I was very excited to meet some students who are on my High School. So I went to my first practice and it was better than I expected. I already love my team and I love Cross Country (I actually don’t like sports at all). We have had two meets so far and I was running on the second one. I was very excited and hoped to not be the last one who reaches the end and I wasn’t! Our second meet was at Lake Wilderness Park which is about half an hour from Burien. After our run, we went swimming in the lake and it was very funny. This day was my favorite day in the US so far. 

Earlier in the same week, High School started. I was very nervous about my first day and I just don’t want to embarrass my self in any way. The other students were really nice and I felt very comfortable so it was a very good first day. Those are my classes ordered from first to last period: Literature/Composition 3, French 2, Pre-Calculus, AP Biology and Drama 3. I am really happy with my classes and my teachers.

All in all, I can say I am super happy, glad and thankful that I am here.

I hope my blog is interesting and informative for you!