My American Firsts!

Authored By:

Julia S.

Hi everyone!

Two months ago I left Brazil to come to the U.S. - that is crazy! At the same time that it seems like I am here for just a couple weeks because those two months passed super fast, it also looks like I am here forever because I already feel so confortable with my host family and I had so many firsts experiences:

1- Since I got here I already have learnt so many words, I feel that my English vocabulary skills are improving a lot, what makes feel more confident about talk to other native people, day by day.

2- My first day of school was just like in the movies! The school here is so similar with the school in High School Musical, even though here people don't suddenly start singing... I remember exactly how nervous I was about the first day of school, but it was much better than I had imagined, everyone was very kind with me. I also went to an AP class accidentally, and just after the class had started I realized that and I asked the teacher for help to find my correct class. It was really embarassing!

3- My first Reese's here was in the car, after my host family picked me up in the airport, my local cordinator gave to me some candies and my host sisters said that I should try Reese's first. I got in love with this chocolate since I tried it for the first time! THEY ARE SO GOOD!

5- My first football game was amazing! Everyone is so excited about that, they sing, and jump, and clap their hands, it is so fun! Although I didn't really know the rules of the game, I just copied other people and I had such a great moment watching West Linn High School playing for th first time this year!

4- Now, I look forward to my first Halloween, me and my host family will go trick or treating and we already decided our costumes! I also already carved a pumpukin with my friends, it was so fun, I just didn't like to take off the seeds, it is sort of disgusting lol.

I think being an exchange student it is just like that, we have new experiences day after day and we try to enjoy everything the most, because suddenly we will be in our home countries again. And I am so glad to be living all those things!


Talk to you soon, and enjoy your Halloween!