Moving to a new home

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Veronika P.

Veronika P.

After 3 months of being in the United States came the most unexpected thing for me. I didn’t even imagine that this would be my situation. However, it is normal and nothing to be afraid of. Changing host families is a good option for both sides. It was a really stressful time for me, though. But I realized how many people care about me. They helped me when I needed it the most and didn’t even know about it. The school was the only thing stable and I managed to do good on all the tests during this time, because teachers were very understanding.

My mother told me that everything bad is good for something. She’s right, because now I’m stronger and happier than I was before. I’m really grateful that I went on a trip to Disney World with my ex-host family. That was an amazing experience. I’m looking forward to spending time and having fun with my new host family.

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