Month 7

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Andrea M.

Andrea M.

February was a nice month. I went to state championships with my swim team, and successfully ended my high school swim career. I am sad it ended, but really happened I got to be a part of it. (“Don’t cry it’s over, smile because it happened.”). With that being over, spring sports started. I was debating what to do and eventually decided to do track. I also lettered in academics and swim. I got a letterman jacket. Hang out with my friends, and family and bettered out relationship even more. My dad and brother came to visit. So, I got to show him around my city, my school and show him my life here. We also went snowboarding up in Breckenridge.

It is crazy to believe we only have about three months left. Spring break is next week, then we are taking the SATs, prom, some of us get to graduate, about a week of summer break, and then we are done. Which means we need to make the most out of the time we have left! There’s still a lot of things I want to experience before this adventure ends, so I thought I might list some of them.

Prom dress shopping – My friend and I have already gone to look for dresses, but we didn’t really like any, so we will have to go again.

Spring break – My host family and I are going to Arizona for spring break, which is super exciting since I’ve never been there. (It will be cool to get a little sun since Colorado is pretty chilly). We are also going to see some baseball spring training, so I’ll get to see some professional games, hopefully.

Prom – well duh, what exchange student is not excited for prom?

Get a yearbook – Even though they are really expensive, I still think it will be a good memory to have.

Track – Even though I am not really good at it, I enjoy making new friends there and trying something new. (Don’t ever be afraid to try new things, all in all that’s what this year is supposed to be all about).

Hang out with people I really like – Enjoy the rest of the time we’ve left with friends and family members.

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