Month 2 Realizations

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Sabrina B.

Sabrina B.

Hallo my readers!

A few days ago I hit the end of Month 2 in my time in Germany. This milestone prompted me to take a look at some of the things that I have come to learn during these past two months and create a list of them. I hope you enjoy!

1. Lebewurst is not really my thing. 

2. The outdoors is the best cure for homesickness. 

3. You must talk about how you're feeling. This is non-negotiable. You will feel so free after you have brought attention to misunderstandings and can prevent them from reoccuring.

4. I love Ferris-Wheels.

5. You must speak German. Regardless if it makes you uncomfortable. The only way you learn is by doing.

6. Listen to people when they correct you. It may sting but it helps so much in the end. 

7. Do the homework. Put in the extra effort to see results. Progress doesn't just happen to you, you have to work for it. 

8. Work hard but not too hard, otherwise you'll burn out. It's difficut but when you find the right balance, you will feel so accomplished and content.

9. If you want something, you must say that you do. Regardless of others opinions, if it effects you, don't be afraid to voice your thoughts.

10. Knödle is Incredible.

11. If you don't understand, say that. Its much more important to feel a bit of embarrassment on the front end, then spend the entire time in the dark. 

12. Everything you feel is valid. The frustration, the anger, the happiness, the peace, the sadness, the excitement. Embrace all of them the same.

13. Find things that force you to focus on you. Pockets of peace that only concern you. Write poems, go for bike-rides, make yourself tea. Find the little things that make you feel appreciated by yourself.

14. Listen when people you meet tell you things about themselves. The big and the small. Each thing can tell you so much about why they act the way they do.

15. Don't hide your tears from those around you. They aren't something to be ashamed of.

16. Wearing funny socks makes me feel like myself.

17. Be grateful for your resilience. Yes, even when you feel like its hard. Especially when you feel like its hard. When things feel difficult that just you exercising your ability to keep going.

Thanks for sticking around for these last two months and I am excited to share even more with you!


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