Mittag in Marburg

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Mari N.

Mari N.


If you haven’t been to Germany, put it on your to-do list. Why? Because Marburg exists. If you’re looking for somewhere interesting to go that is aesthetic, historic, and lively; look no further. Today fifty CBYXers stepped off the train platform and indulged themselves in the amazing beauty of Marburg. It was my first time taking a train anywhere, so I was super excited for it.

We spent the afternoon doing a lot of walking during a guided tour of the city’s most interesting and historic buildings. I couldn’t tell you how many steps we actually took today. Because we came from the castle in Bad Laasphe, it was only natural that our group visited the Landgrafen Schloss. Though the walk up was tiring, the view was definitely worth it! The schloss is one of the major must-sees. The city itself is filled with tons of beautiful buildings, and seeing them all from high-up was quite the treat. 

After tons of stairs and an inevitable long hike back down, everyone was given the freedom to do whatever. In my case, “whatever” meant investigating the shopping district with four other people. For future reference, let me say that the concept of a “mall” is very different in Germany in comparison to America. Shopping gets boring though, so you have to make it a real adventure. How does one accomplish this? You use a phone map to find an interesting location that sometimes doesn’t exist. (The flea market wasn’t where the map took us to, but it was still a fun walk). 

After any adventure, it’s important to take some time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. In Marburg, it’s the food. Deciding where to go was an issue since every place in the city has the best food. If you’re in the village area, check out some of the small cafes. The prices are good and the food is even better!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! This is just a small look at my fun day in Marburg. I’d love to visit more cities in the future and blog about it for you guys! Does reading this inspire you do go to Marburg? I hope so! You certainly won’t be disappointed. Until next time, stay tuned!


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